I’m not a fan of the term ‘Lord’ for God, or Jesus, or really anyone or anything. It’s too patriarchal and too feudal in its origins. Sometimes I substitute Wisdom, sometimes just skip the usage of this word. And God is far more than a pronoun, even though both Hebrew Scripture and New Testament refer to God in the masculine. I wish someone would change that, so I simply do for myself, and sometimes in public.

It’s hard to get away from ‘Lord’ in the Psalms, especially in the later ones, the holiness songs filled with worship and with praise. Like this from Psalm 96:

‘Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness* let the whole earth tremble before him.’

Sigh…Lord…him… it’s often difficult to even contemplate worshiping when words get in the way. What I find is to sit in silence and allow the words to be set aside for the moment; let God speak in a way that does not need words or language. But we can’t always do that, so when reading the Psalms allow pronouns to fall away, allow that which interrupts our worship to be put into a separate space within us. God is worshipped very well without words, without pronouns, without interruptions. Just be and allow the Psalms to fill us, you, me, with gratefulness and a deep sense of worshipping holiness, a divine gift.

Published by Linda Calkins

I am woman, priest, wife, mother, grandmother, pet lover, lover of Jesus. Blessed beyond comprehension. Always searching for words, for prayers, for more of God, for beauty. Retired but not tired, a senior but young inside. Always more to give...

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