Met and Kissed

Mercy and Truth have met together…Righteousness and Peace have kissed each other. (Psalm 85)

There is something stunningly beautiful in its simplicity within this verse. Mercy, Truth meeting together, as in a forest grove. Planned? Maybe. But they meet as friends, as lovers, as bonded in soul and spirit. How we long for mercy and truth in our day, this day, every day. Merciful to another, truthful of heart and word.

Righteousness and Peace kissing as truly beloved, knowing the other fully with that kiss. Righteousness…an old word, but filled with deep meaning. Living aright in humility and strength. Peace…do we not pray for that each day?

We need to be mercy and truth meeting together as beloved children of God. We long for righteousness, goodness, to kiss the peace we all pray for in our tumultuous world. But perhaps most of all we need to be that righteousness, that peace to one another in the name of the God who is mercy and truth and righteousness and peace.

Give peace a kiss for me, would you, please?

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