New Years’ Day 2021

Psalm 3:8 Deliverance belongs to the LORD. *
    Your blessing be upon your people!

Deliverance…we need that for this year, deliverance from the pandemic. Deliverance from an inept government, no matter what state, what country… Deliverance from fear of each other. We read this verse; if we really dig into this, we will realize that we do not have to worry about being delivered, being freed, being taken out of fear. For it’s not simply deliverance, it’s also blessing upon God’s people, which is us. Can we make it a point, maybe daily…weekly…monthly to find the blessings in our lives which really come from God, from this deep love of all humanity? For as this verse shows us, deliverance and blessing go hand in hand. My most sincere prayers this year are we would be delivered from not only the pandemic, but from partisan hatred, despair, fear. If we stop being afraid of each other, we will find deliverance and we will be blessed in ways never believed possible. Happy/Blessed New Year!

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