Psalm 114:4, 6 (from the 1748 Book of Common Prayer) ‘The mountains skipped like rams: and the little hills like young sheep…Ye mountains that ye skipped like rams: and ye little hills like young sheep?’

It’s a funny analogue to ponder mountains and hills skipping. The context of this Psalm is Israel coming out of Egypt, the Jordan driven back at the arrival of the Israelites into the Promised Land they had been promised by God. The skipping is from sheer joy. The mountains and the hills saw what seemed impossible, and the rejoiced.

This season of Lent might be one in which we set aside all the ponderous images of fasting, of giving up, of denial of self, and set to rejoicing at what God does in the midst of what seems only imagined. I’m not recommending we all go out and ‘skip for God’ but a sense of lightness in this time of winter, pandemic and death might be just what God would want from us who can take some rejoicing moment and offer them with a grateful heart.

Published by Linda Calkins

I am woman, priest, wife, mother, grandmother, pet lover, lover of Jesus. Blessed beyond comprehension. Always searching for words, for prayers, for more of God, for beauty. Retired but not tired, a senior but young inside. Always more to give...

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